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Last Will and Testament

Why Should You Make A Will ?

There are many reasons why you should make a will but sadly most of us just do not bother to arrange a will and if they do organise a will they do not review the will on a regular basis. Its really easy to make a will it probably takes an hour of your time but this is a valuable hour as it produces a document which legally arranges and informs everyone what happens to your money, possessions and property after you die. If you have children who will look after them when you die? Is there someone you do NOT want to be their guardian? This is just one reason why you should make a will.

A will can make things easier to sort everything out when you die - who looks after children, who inherits property, who inherits specific items. Having a will is vitally important if you have children or family that are financially dependent on you.

Having a will can tell people who receives your property, money and personal possessions when you die and it also tells everyone who will be organising your estate and following the instructions which you had written into your will.

But what happens if you do not leave a will - If you do not have a will when you die then your money, property and possessions will be shared out according to the current law at the time of your death. This means that people can receive things that you hadn't intend for them to receive.

Did you know that if you are not legally married or in a civil partnership then your partner is not legally entitled to anything.

Consultation in your Home and preparation of your Will from £115 see Wills for further details


Last Will and Testament By Post

Send us your instructions on this page Questionnaire and receive your completed Wills by Post within 7 Days. You will receive your Will(s) in a padded envelope sent recorded delivery and with signing instructions with the will.

If you prefer we can take your instructions over the telephone.

Wills online and by Post from £37 see Wills for further details


Spanish Power of Attorney 

You may be selling or purchasing a property in Spain or the Canary Islands and you need to travel to complete your purchase at the Notary. At the time of selling / purchasing you thought that you wouldn't need to give a Power of Attorney as you would be able to travel and sign in Notary yourself. You are now unable to be available on the arranged date so have limited options.

One option is that you could instruct us to arrange the Power of Attorney for you. We can instruct a Spanish Solicitor to draw up the Power in English and Spanish naming whoever you want to give the Power to, normally an employee at the Real Estate Agency that you are dealing with. This can limit the Power to the purchase or sale of the property or can include setting up direct debits for utilities etc.

Once we have received back the Power of Attorney we will liaise with you and choose a Notary for you to sign in front of, there is at least one Notary in every major town in the UK. Once you have signed in front of the Notary in the UK the Notary will send the Power to the Spanish Embassy for the apostille to be attached to legalize the Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney will then be sent to whoever you are giving the Power to and they will use the Power in the Notary in Spain or Canary Islands to complete the purchase or sale on your behalf.

To prepare the paperwork we would need photocopies of your N.I.E. Certificate or passport if you do not have an N.I.E. and the same for the person or persons who you are giving the Power to. We would also require any one of the following - Copia Simple, photocopy of Escritura or a Nota Simple.

 The Cost of this is £460 and does not include the cost of signing at the Notary in the U.K. or the cost of the Apostille